Envy of All Boutique Who Will Envy You Today?


I have always loved high end fashionable clothes and accessories!  As a child, I always asked my mom to buy me clothes, clothes and more clothes!  As I grew older, my obsession became obvious as my closet became “smaller and smaller” and my jewelry box became an armoire.  I have always enjoyed helping my friends find outfits that work for them, their body and keep their individuality….and they love when I clean out my closet!  I am passionate about being fashionable and have used my personal style to bring clothes and accessories to you at an affordable price while never compromising on quality.  Trust me, I know all about working on a tight budget while raising a family!

I personally pick out every item that is sold and strive to sell items that are made in the USA.  I wear every item that I sell; which proves that I truly endorse each piece.  The accessories are all handmade and unique items.  I sell a limited number of each item so that very few people have what you have!  Purchasing from a boutique should never feel like buying from the biggest store in town.  It is about buying unique pieces and creating a style that is you! 

Envy of All Boutique started from a lifelong dream of owning my own boutique.  Being an online boutique has granted me the opportunity to continue my career in healthcare and finance; which I have happily been doing the past 20 years!  The name, Envy of All Boutique, was derived from years of wanting to be unique, fashionable and unintentionally becoming the center of attention – although that could just be from my daddy making me his center of attention!

This boutique has truly been an effort from many people!  Thank you to all of my wonderful family and friends for supporting and pushing me to fulfill my dream.  While my mom is an angel in heaven, she is the true inspiration for raising me to be driven, independent and a dreamer!

I am so proud and honored to be able to provide high end women’s apparel and accessories to you! 

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